Other Models

Skull Study

This was a quick project used to understand both a new tool along with re learning how to approach the human anatomy.

I used a replica skull that I had borrowed from a professor and tried to copy its shape into Sculptris. I was starting to learn Sculptris as a stepping stone to learning how to work within zBrush.

I have continued from this into studying zBrush and teh huiman anatomy.

Taurus Judge Revolver

This pistol model was created in Autodesk Fusion 360 as an attempt to find a quicker way to create mechanical based models, such as guns, knives, and machinery. The reason I chose to work in Fusion 360 is based around the fact that it is CAD based, which most of what I am guns, knives and modern machinery is designed with in the first place before production. There are plenty of ways to also bridge the gap between Fusion 360, Maya, and zBrush for texturing and re retopologizing.

I chose the Taurus Judge for the first attempt with the process because it is a very iconic silhouette, while also being fairly geometric. 

Monster Dog

From the first project that I worked on at the Entertainment Technologies Center, this is the Mailman's worst nightmare.

This dog was created as the antagonist of our mailman in a Microsoft Kinect game that required you to throw objects that would distract the dog from the mailman and slow him down. Not all of these items were helpful though, and you needed to watch what you threw as to not anger and agitate the foul beast.