Project Blueprint is an Electronic Arts sponsored project with Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. The project is translating the functionality of EA’s Sims 4 Build Mode into virtual reality.

Our goal is to design and develop a virtual interface that effectively adapts the functionality of Build Mode. Through iterative design processes and play testing, we will develop an intuitive system that allows guests to access categories of objects, pull the objects out of the interface, and place them in the virtual build space. This allows the guest to build a Sims environment from within an immersive virtual space.

  • (Myself) Dale Wones: Lead Artist
  • Jenny Liu: Lead Programmer/Tech Artist
  • Camille Ramseur: Programmer
  • Jehan Sandhu: Designer
  • Ivy Wang: Producer
  • Roxy Wang: Programmer

Research and three prototypes submitted to EA: May 2017

A Deep dive into more information about the overall project can be found  HERE at Blueprint's team blog.


Personal Contributions

During this project I was the lead artist and only trained artist on the team. The project had a heavy focus on modeling and UI design, as the base of the project was to provide EA with researched UI designs that would work for the Sims 4 in a VR space.

To meet this goal over the semester, I created around sixty in game pieces of furniture that could be placed in the players custom built home. I also created prototypes for the Vive controllers to show what tools were currently selected, and a several environment pieces for the player to select objects from.

Below you can see a few shots of the total pieces in a Unity snapshot, along with some select models pulled from the project.

Blueprint Trailer

Models produced