Team Joule from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (CMU ETC) created a multi-visit, multiplayer interactive experience that’s integrated into a 9-week course at Elizabeth Forward Middle School (EFMS).  The experience, called the JurassicPower™ Innovation Center, simulates at-home energy conservation choices over a 20 year period during 7 visits to the Energy Lab, an interactive learning space at the school.

  • (Myself) Dale Wones: Lead Artist
  • Andrew O’Rourke: Producer/Experience Designer
  • Justin Ou Yang: Programmer/Interaction Designer
  • Ruonan Zhang: Programmer

Digital Experience Completed: May 2016

Physical Fabrication Completion: August 2016

A Deep dive into more information about the overall project can be found  HERE at Joule's team blog.


Personal Contributions

Being the only artist on the team, I handled everything that was a visual component, ranging from concepting to modeling, of the project other than lighting, which my programmers handled in Unity. One of the things that I mainly focused on were the 3D modeling of all of the rooms and the furniture within each room, along with the additional furniture that would also replace the initial pieces based on the changes that the players would be making to the home. You can see some  of the spaces created for the game below.

Additionally, I also worked on UI development as the game was very UI heavy, as it needed to convey a lot of information for the players to make the smartest decisions given their limited number of selections per turn. I developed the structure of the final UI, but needed to outsource the final construction to a classmate.

Joule Trailer

Modeled Spaces